Its been a while..

I dont know if anyone will actually reads this, but when I feel I need to write, I come here on occasion.

Summer semester went well. Got an ‘A’ in my English class. It was a good class. I hated one of the books we read, but what can ya do? I learned more in that 6 weeks than I did in high school. And I still have trouble with then and than, so shoot me. I think I went through almost a half ream of printer paper just for that class. Fall semester starts soon. Have my books and all that jazz together. Basic Nutrition and Political Science. Should be an interesting semester.

I cant wait until my financial aid comes through. I’ll finally be able to get glasses and actually see again. Will make reading street signs a lot easier from far away instead of almost missing a turn because the damn letters a blurry. Now, Im not a danger to anyone on the road. Im not blind. I just cant see very clearly at a distance.

Right now I just need to find out about getting a loan so the OH and I can move out of his moms house. Dont get me wrong, I love the his mom, but her idiosyncrasies are driving me crazy. I would like to keep liking her and for her to keep liking me. Should call my mom and talk to her about it and see what advice she has for me.

Just keep swimming….



Random tidbits and such…

Thats just how I feel some days. Ive been sleeping a lot according to the other half. Not at night though. Naps here and there. But what else am I supposed to do when I have 5 days off in a row? It gets boring. Really boring. There isnt a whole lot to do out here. Anything exciting(aka friends) is a 45 minute drive and up and over a mountain. At least.

I start summer semester on Monday. My prof just released the books last week so I was finally able to order my textbook off of Amazon. $70 cheaper than if I had bought it at the school. Im only taking English this semester, and Im already trying to lay out next semester so I can have work around it. Luckily I have an amazible boss who understands that her employees have lives.

Dropped the OH off at Mt Diablo Saturday afternoon so he could run to the top and back and went and hung out with my Gay Mom(not really my mom, yes really gay, and thats what he calls himself due to the fact that he worries more than my own blood mother). Embarrassingly enough, he took me to Target and bought me bras. I really didnt have a choice in the matter, so I didnt complain. Over the shoulder boulder holders are a necessity. Luckily I was able to find my size and cheap. That never happens. Dropped Gay Mom at home and picked up OH and headed to Hellfish Ranch for a BDay BBQ for one of the residents. BBQs at that house are always good. Tons of food and beer usually. They ran out of beer. Luckily for me there were other tasty beverages for the non alcohol drinking types. I have 2 beers and Im done for the night. Ha. Cheap date here.

Not much else is going on. Went to the Sunday Farmers Market and invited a couple of friends over for our own BBQ. Mmm teriyaki tri-tip. And its time for fresh corn on the cob. Ooh speaking of! The corn in our garden is getting so tall! All of the produce out there is doing great! I cant wait to harvest peppers, among other things.

Now its Monday night, the wind is raging, OH is watching Captain America on his lappy and Im sort of paying attention to it. Tomorrow the plan is to rearrange the bedroom completely. Im looking forward to it. I never keep my stuff in the same place for so long, but he likes it the way it is. We’ll see if he can actually sleep at night after we’re done.

Hopefully my textbook gets here before Friday.

Time for cookie dough and sleep.

Sad but Happy all at once..

The person I would consider my best girl friend just started her drive to North Carolina this evening. Shes moving for work. Im so unbelievably happy for her, and Im so selfishly sad. I didnt realize how much it would effect me. I just started crying when I saw the picture of her mileage to said destination. We had meant to get together again before she left but schedules didnt align. It happens. Its not like Im never going to see her again.

I now have 3 for sure landing pads for visits on the east coast. All in different states. Awesome.

But I miss her already, and it sucks.


The 3 hours that felt like 8…and other random bits…

Work was insane tonight. I dont know what it was about tonight that made people want to shop, but damn that shift felt like a whole day. Only 3 hours of work and I feel like I got kicked in the gut. Damn women and their shoes. I’ll take it, it means I get paid. It was a mess. And hot. Inferno. I think I lost 5lbs by sweating. It was gross.

Went to and all night outdoor rave with my honey over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We loaded the car up with a tarp, blankets, OJ, cranberry juice concentrate, a handle of vodka, a dozenish waters, chairs and my cloak. My cloak was so nice the next morning. We danced all night under the stars with about 1000 other people until the sun came up. It was nice to be able to set up a place to hang out and be comfy. Some people brought tents, but we seemed to have the better idea. Didnt leave till noon the next day. Worked later that afternoon on no sleep. I passed the fuck out after work that day. There was no sleeping about it. I thuded. 

We’re going camping in a couple of weeks. I have to get him to make a list of shit we’re bringing. We get to car camp this time. Its odd to say the least. I havent gone car camping in a few years. I can bring a pillow. You have no idea how awesome that is. And a cooler. Oh my god, a cooler! No more going out until May for us. I need money for camping. Cant wait. Im really excited. Get to see friends I havent seen since I hiked last summer and some the summer before.

Im rambling.

Not much else is going on. Im tired. I guess its bed time.


So back in December whilst moving my shit out of storage in the dumping rain, yes dumping rain, buckets and buckets of water from the sky, my storage until flooded at least 5 inches. I only wanted money for my bed since it was the only thing I really was attached to. You’d think that would be easy, right? Apparently not, since its April 3rd and Im just now having a check sent to me.

I only wanted money for the bed, not the $2000 worth of gaming consoles that I havent had the heart to test to see if they still work, and wont throw away, not the $250 in books that were soaked but I refused to lose them and dried them out for a week under fans, not my old ass couch, not my big comfy chair that has my ass imprinted in it, just my bed.

Getting any sort of information was like pulling teeth. No one bothered telling me that I wasnt reachable by phone. I had specifically told them that I preferred email either way and that if they needed to talk to me on the phone to let me know via email first. Did they?


I emailed for the final time and got some information and was finally routed to a person who knew what they were talking about. While the check isnt huge, Im not going to sneeze at it either.

Now I guess I can be a responsible adult and deal with my wisdom teeth. Damn.

Already overachieving

Decided for some strange reason to get ready for work way earlier then I needed to. Its annoying. I hate waiting around when Im ready to go. But Im not showing up that early. Short day today, only 4 hours. Yay retail. Least I work with people I like today.

Im really not looking forward to going back to school so soon. Im just going to take a fluff class or two for the summer semester since its only a 6 week semester. I dont want to cram that much work into that short of time. Then again if I can get a math class out of the way…who knows. Either way I need to get gen ed classes out of the way. I wont be at that school forever, hopefully not even long enough to start towards and actual degree. Ugh.

I should make me a lunch or something to take to work with me. Novel idea.


Nagging Moms Make Ultimatums

So it looks like Im going back to school this summer. Mom gave me the “if you dont go back to school, I wont pay your medical insurance anymore” ultimatum. So Im doing what Mom says and enrolling part time at the community college out here to get some of my pre-reqs done. Ive put it off a long time, and the last time I tried to go back, shit went down and I lost my apartment. Luckily Im not in a situation near that anymore, so I’ll be fine in that aspect. I dont know what classes I’ll take this summer, maybe a math class, who knows. I have people who are good at math around me.

Damn. I wanted to go back on my own terms. Not hers. Oh well, must do what the Mom says. Must keep my medical insurance