Already overachieving

Decided for some strange reason to get ready for work way earlier then I needed to. Its annoying. I hate waiting around when Im ready to go. But Im not showing up that early. Short day today, only 4 hours. Yay retail. Least I work with people I like today.

Im really not looking forward to going back to school so soon. Im just going to take a fluff class or two for the summer semester since its only a 6 week semester. I dont want to cram that much work into that short of time. Then again if I can get a math class out of the way…who knows. Either way I need to get gen ed classes out of the way. I wont be at that school forever, hopefully not even long enough to start towards and actual degree. Ugh.

I should make me a lunch or something to take to work with me. Novel idea.



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