The 3 hours that felt like 8…and other random bits…

Work was insane tonight. I dont know what it was about tonight that made people want to shop, but damn that shift felt like a whole day. Only 3 hours of work and I feel like I got kicked in the gut. Damn women and their shoes. I’ll take it, it means I get paid. It was a mess. And hot. Inferno. I think I lost 5lbs by sweating. It was gross.

Went to and all night outdoor rave with my honey over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We loaded the car up with a tarp, blankets, OJ, cranberry juice concentrate, a handle of vodka, a dozenish waters, chairs and my cloak. My cloak was so nice the next morning. We danced all night under the stars with about 1000 other people until the sun came up. It was nice to be able to set up a place to hang out and be comfy. Some people brought tents, but we seemed to have the better idea. Didnt leave till noon the next day. Worked later that afternoon on no sleep. I passed the fuck out after work that day. There was no sleeping about it. I thuded. 

We’re going camping in a couple of weeks. I have to get him to make a list of shit we’re bringing. We get to car camp this time. Its odd to say the least. I havent gone car camping in a few years. I can bring a pillow. You have no idea how awesome that is. And a cooler. Oh my god, a cooler! No more going out until May for us. I need money for camping. Cant wait. Im really excited. Get to see friends I havent seen since I hiked last summer and some the summer before.

Im rambling.

Not much else is going on. Im tired. I guess its bed time.


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