Random tidbits and such…

Thats just how I feel some days. Ive been sleeping a lot according to the other half. Not at night though. Naps here and there. But what else am I supposed to do when I have 5 days off in a row? It gets boring. Really boring. There isnt a whole lot to do out here. Anything exciting(aka friends) is a 45 minute drive and up and over a mountain. At least.

I start summer semester on Monday. My prof just released the books last week so I was finally able to order my textbook off of Amazon. $70 cheaper than if I had bought it at the school. Im only taking English this semester, and Im already trying to lay out next semester so I can have work around it. Luckily I have an amazible boss who understands that her employees have lives.

Dropped the OH off at Mt Diablo Saturday afternoon so he could run to the top and back and went and hung out with my Gay Mom(not really my mom, yes really gay, and thats what he calls himself due to the fact that he worries more than my own blood mother). Embarrassingly enough, he took me to Target and bought me bras. I really didnt have a choice in the matter, so I didnt complain. Over the shoulder boulder holders are a necessity. Luckily I was able to find my size and cheap. That never happens. Dropped Gay Mom at home and picked up OH and headed to Hellfish Ranch for a BDay BBQ for one of the residents. BBQs at that house are always good. Tons of food and beer usually. They ran out of beer. Luckily for me there were other tasty beverages for the non alcohol drinking types. I have 2 beers and Im done for the night. Ha. Cheap date here.

Not much else is going on. Went to the Sunday Farmers Market and invited a couple of friends over for our own BBQ. Mmm teriyaki tri-tip. And its time for fresh corn on the cob. Ooh speaking of! The corn in our garden is getting so tall! All of the produce out there is doing great! I cant wait to harvest peppers, among other things.

Now its Monday night, the wind is raging, OH is watching Captain America on his lappy and Im sort of paying attention to it. Tomorrow the plan is to rearrange the bedroom completely. Im looking forward to it. I never keep my stuff in the same place for so long, but he likes it the way it is. We’ll see if he can actually sleep at night after we’re done.

Hopefully my textbook gets here before Friday.

Time for cookie dough and sleep.


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