Its been a while..

I dont know if anyone will actually reads this, but when I feel I need to write, I come here on occasion.

Summer semester went well. Got an ‘A’ in my English class. It was a good class. I hated one of the books we read, but what can ya do? I learned more in that 6 weeks than I did in high school. And I still have trouble with then and than, so shoot me. I think I went through almost a half ream of printer paper just for that class. Fall semester starts soon. Have my books and all that jazz together. Basic Nutrition and Political Science. Should be an interesting semester.

I cant wait until my financial aid comes through. I’ll finally be able to get glasses and actually see again. Will make reading street signs a lot easier from far away instead of almost missing a turn because the damn letters a blurry. Now, Im not a danger to anyone on the road. Im not blind. I just cant see very clearly at a distance.

Right now I just need to find out about getting a loan so the OH and I can move out of his moms house. Dont get me wrong, I love the his mom, but her idiosyncrasies are driving me crazy. I would like to keep liking her and for her to keep liking me. Should call my mom and talk to her about it and see what advice she has for me.

Just keep swimming….



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