So back in December whilst moving my shit out of storage in the dumping rain, yes dumping rain, buckets and buckets of water from the sky, my storage until flooded at least 5 inches. I only wanted money for my bed since it was the only thing I really was attached to. You’d think that would be easy, right? Apparently not, since its April 3rd and Im just now having a check sent to me.

I only wanted money for the bed, not the $2000 worth of gaming consoles that I havent had the heart to test to see if they still work, and wont throw away, not the $250 in books that were soaked but I refused to lose them and dried them out for a week under fans, not my old ass couch, not my big comfy chair that has my ass imprinted in it, just my bed.

Getting any sort of information was like pulling teeth. No one bothered telling me that I wasnt reachable by phone. I had specifically told them that I preferred email either way and that if they needed to talk to me on the phone to let me know via email first. Did they?


I emailed for the final time and got some information and was finally routed to a person who knew what they were talking about. While the check isnt huge, Im not going to sneeze at it either.

Now I guess I can be a responsible adult and deal with my wisdom teeth. Damn.